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Medical Tourism 

As Millions of medical travelers travel overseas for their medical, dental, and cosmetic procedures, here you have friends in Medellin Colombia!

Our Medical tourism or health tourism assist travelers in planning their medical travel. Medellin Strategic offers complete information on medical facilities, service providers, medical professionals, travel agencies, lodging, medical/travel insurance. 

We specialize in areas of accommodation, associated healthcare, such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry or transplant surgery, while others are more generalized in their approach, we provide multiple services over a wide range of medical specialties here in Colombia.

Medical quality standards are consistently checked & adhered to.  accreditation is relatively new. Our team will make sure potential clients are aware of previous unknowns and risks related to the quality, safety, and ethics of the industry. We are a friend in the business to take care of you! 

You as a medical tourist provider you can trust!

Please do look to us as your health tourism providers to provide information about quality, safety, and legal issues.

Please remember the quality of such information and services varies on the size, scale, and standards of the facilitators themselves. Exactly what we have experience and local relationships with now for over a decade.

Medellin Strategic health tourism we provide up to date quality information :

    The hospitals, clinics, and the doctors we are partnered with.

    Facility quality indicators that include whether they have been subjected to independent international healthcare accreditation, practice evidence-based medicine, and good governance and whether independent health care staff, particularly the doctors providing the services, have been subjected to independent credentialing, as well as evidence that the doctors maintain and improve their personal professional standards.

In addition, we provide a number of non-medical angles that may be needed in your medical tourism. 

These include:

    Accommodation, Prices, and how to pay for lodging. 


    Non-medical risks involved

    Language issues. 

*   Aftercare. Nursing, massage, dietary needs